Topic Modelling the 20 Newsgroup Dataset

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

An Analysis and Visualization with Pandas and Tableau

Map of Austria showing how many news articles in the regional newspapers dealt with the respective localities and towns. / Graphic by the author

A Casestudy with Kaggle Data

Foto: Creative Commons CC0

The Task

Step by Step


A Data Analysis of Coverage in Austrian Online News

Coverage over the last three month / Image by Author

Word Vectors for Chess Moves

Similarity map of chess moves / Image by Author

Data analysis of online news

Length and volume of online news per weekday and time / Image by Author

with “BigML”

Distributions and correlations

A visual approach with different machine learning classifiers

Image by the author

Lessons learned from an Eye-Tracking Study

Adapted Pacman Version

Andreas Stöckl

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria / School of Informatics, Communications and Media

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