A Casestudy with Kaggle Data

Foto: www.pexels.com Creative Commons CC0

The Task

Step by Step

(Source: www.pexels.com)

A Data Analysis of Coverage in Austrian Online News

Coverage over the last three month / Image by Author

The Data

Word Vectors for Chess Moves

Similarity map of chess moves / Image by Author

Data source

Data analysis of online news

Length and volume of online news per weekday and time / Image by Author

with “BigML”

Distributions and correlations

But there is another way!

A visual approach with different machine learning classifiers

Image by the author

Lessons learned from an Eye-Tracking Study

Adapted Pacman Version

The race for larger language models is entering the next round.

Image: www.pexels.com

Are the models more than just huge “lookup tables” with intelligent interpolation methods?

With Web Analytics Data and k-Means Clustering

Identifying clusters of similar Customers / Image by the author


Andreas Stöckl

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria / School of Informatics, Communications and Media http://www.stoeckl.ai/profil/

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