Automated Content Generation with Jarvis


APIs for Text Generation

Text generation is a rapidly growing industry and you can see text generators in many places. There is a lot of text generation APIs that can be used for your implementations. For example:

Jarvis Text Generation Application

Integrated Tools

Grammarly is integrated as well as a Plagiarism checker that is working together with text generation. This means that the text is checked for plagiarism and if there are some grammatical issues, Grammarly will flag them up so you can fix them manually.

Help and Community

There is a series of youtube videos as an introduction for the system and text generation. There is also a Facebook Group and the Jarvis website has the answers to all of your questions. The creators are very responsive and helpful, so if you want to use text generation for your business or blog posts, this system will help you achieve that goal with ease.

How this Post was written

This article was written with Jarvis to demonstrate the power of the system by describing itself. Jarvis not only seems to know himself well, but he also praises himself a lot.



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Andreas Stöckl

Andreas Stöckl


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria / School of Informatics, Communications and Media