Book “Applied Data Science in Tourism”

Interdisciplinary Approaches, Methodologies, and Applications

Example classification

Classification using machine learning is one of the most important and widespread methods of data science. In the book, we show how to classify visitors to a hotel’s website into potential customers and uninterested web surfers.

Example regression

With the same task, another class of methods is shown in the next chapter, the so-called regression methods. Here the aim is to predict a numerical value from the data. In the example, these are used to predict the turnover for the visitors. In contrast to classification, the users are not divided into fixed classes, but each is described with a numerical value.

Example Web Scrapping

Often, not only the analysis of data is a topic for Data Science, but also the acquisition. If the data is not available in a structured form, the so-called “web scraping” offers the possibility to automatically extract data from websites.



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Andreas Stöckl

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria / School of Informatics, Communications and Media